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looking for housekeepr/maid

Our housekeepr, who is wonderful, has to quit because of problems with her kids. We hate to lose her but we need to hire someone else. Primary responsibilities are cleaning our house and our rental villa and helping us care for our animals. We require someone who will live onsite during the week and go home (if she wants to) Saturday afternoon through Monday morning. English is not required but we would like someone who is literate in Spanish. Ideally, we wou;d like to hire a lady whose children are grown and who lives alone and will not mind living onsite here on ISla Cristobal during the workweek. We will provide transportation at our expense for off days.

If any of you know of a nice, dependable, sober lady with common sense, in good health who is looking for this kind of work, is willing to live on the premises (we have an employee house with water, power, kitchen, TV, etc.) please contact me or give the person my phone number (6612-1209).
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