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Visa Extensions: Changuinola vs David

If you have need to extend your tourist visa for an additional 3 months, be sure to take care of this in Changuinola where it is no really big hassle. We were in David for other business so decided while there to get our extension at the David Immigration office. Turns out it takes 4 business days AND they require that you have a Panamanian who will sign to be responsible for you. According to our attorney, that repsonsibility includes finances, behavior, medical, and even inlcudes being responsible for returning your body to your home country should you die!!!!!! What "tourist" knows a Panamanian well enough to even ask? What Panamanian would be crazy enough to sign such a form?!! You will also be asked to show an airplane or bus ticket valid for one year (why, when the extension is only for 3 months?!!) and demonstrate "proof of applicant's or guarantor's financial well-being." We left David and went back to Changuiloa as we had last time we needed the extension. In Changuinola there was no mention of these outlandish requirements and our extensions were granted about 2 hours after we walked in the Immigration office.
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